The Top Ranked Defensemen of the 1910's








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The Top Ranked Defensemen of the 1910's



The ratings on this page comes from's own rating system.  The lower the rating the better.

Players had to complete at least one qualifying season to be included in this list.

A qualifying year is any year that a player played in 75% of his team's games.

Player's ratings are penalized for every year under 5 qualifying years.


Rnk   Player Rating
1   Harry Cameron 54.89650
2   Joe Hall 89.23650
3   Sprague Cleghorn 90.40000
4   Georges Boucher 105.04300
5   Bert Corbeau 111.91100
6   Dave Ritchie 129.89100
7   Harry Mummery 150.74550
8   Billy Coutu 157.61350
9   Hamby Shore 158.57500
10   Jack Laviolette 180.08800


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